Cockpit USA

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Project Details


Cockpit USA has been synonymous with timeless American tradition for over 40 years. In creating the women’s collection, we boiled down some of the key influences of the men’s collection….& do the same with the fabrications & leathers selected. There is a menswear influence, but the collection is still feminine & sexy; sitting comfortably next to their male counterparts, with looks that are both classic & modern.

Remaining true to its DNA & authenticity, the seasonal collections of expertly crafted leather & fabric with novelty treatments, finishes & details add to the brand’s unique attitude of vintage military inspiration mixed with an original blend of contemporary design; while always remaining true to its American Heritage. 

Development of the seasonal collections include Product Design & Merchandising, Branding, Sourcing & Development, Vendor communication, Leather & Fabric Development, Hardware & Trim development, Sampling, Brand Communication, Marketing Concepts, & Sales Collateral.