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New York City


I'm Randi


From concept to design to the cash register - I’ll take you there.

Let’s say you’re a fashion brand. You have a concept- for a product line or capsule.
Or maybe a new season’s coming up.
Now, you need a collection.
Come to think of it, you need it sourced and produced too.
And it needs to be on trend.

I do all of that.

Or you’re a hotel, and you want the t-shirts, the chocolates, the tote bags, the caps, coasters, and camisoles…. the luggage tags, bikinis, and mugs—and everything else people can buy to take home—to be stunningly consistent with your branding.

So who do you bring on board to design the product, source the materials and production, create the packaging, determine how it looks on the shelf….and whether you introduce it in a pop-up or a charity event?

Who can brainstorm the look, the feel, all the little touch points - all to tell a compelling, cohesive story about your brand?

You’re looking at her.


You Love


How We Do It


The RSD 360° Creative Process

For most companies, branding is an unholy clustermess.
They hire 5 separate teams for the concepting, the design, the branding, the sourcing, the final touches and so on.

With our 360° approach, it’s all part of one big picture. We make sure the pieces all fit together and nail the design -- to give your brand a clear visual story, flawless execution, and endless staying power.


We Handle The Entire Process For You;


1. Concept.

You might already have it. Or need something tweaked. Or be at square one.

2. Product Planning/ Merchandising.

Analyze trends, research the competition, determine lead times and price points.

3. Design.

The actual design. Fabrics and materials, color palette, fonts, hardware, fit, silhouette, sketches, producing a prototype.


4. Sourcing.

Finding the right fabrics, materials and manufacturer for samples and production - for the right quality and price.

5. Branding.

Weaving your brand's personality, voice, and taste level into all products, copy, and touchpoints, so they tell a cohesive story.

6. Retail Presentation.

Labels, hang tags, the box, point of sale touches, how it arrives in the mail - all these details tie up the brand package.


You can hire five different teams to get from A to Z.

Or you can work with me.


Make Your Brand A Lifestyle

And A Story Worth Buzzing About.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 8.59.13 AM.png

Your message can’t just live on your website.
It needs to be infused throughout the brand.
Whether it’s on t-shirts and totes, throw pillows and mugs, even those walls people stand in front of on Instagram.
Didn’t think of that, did you?
Don’t worry, that’s what I do.
Let’s put our heads together and make your brand a lifestyle - - and a story worth buzzing about.

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Areas of Expertise



  • Product Design; Apparel, Accessories, Lifestyle Stuff

  • Merchandising

  • Seasonal Offerings

  • Fabrics, Leathers

  • Hardware & Trims

  • Color, Prints, & Graphics

  • Retail Trend Analysis



  • Brand Identity

  • Packaging

  • Communication Strategy

  • Visual Assets & Logo Development

  • Brand Extensions

  • Brand Collaborations


    Product Development

  • Sourcing Fabrics, Leathers

  • Sourcing Trims & Hardware

  • Sourcing Vendors / Factories

  • Prototype > Sampling > Production

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