Cockpit USA
Men's Outerwear


Project Details


Cockpit USA is an American heritage brand founded in 1975. Collections include a full range of Men’s & Women’s Outerwear, Vintage inspired Tees & Bags, all of which I played a role in. There is a range of iconic core product of WW2 Flight Jackets, as well as modern military interpretations of the same, with a blend of on-trend fabrics & leathers in modern silhouettes.

The brand’s distinction comes from its dedication to reproducing the highest quality product with great attention to detail- right down to the hardware used, while taking pride in its Made In USA craftsmanship; and is characterized by its expertise in highly specialized leather treatments & processes that add to the spirited aesthetic. Benefitting from an archive of genuine historic pieces, the collections preserve the authenticity and legacy of these original historic designs, into a contemporary line of vintage outerwear, tees and bags.

Development of the seasonal collections include Product Design & Merchandising, Branding, Sourcing & Development, Vendor communication, Leather & Fabric development, Hardware & Trim development, Sampling, Brand Communication, Marketing Concepts, & Sales Collateral.