People ask me questions all the time and want to pick my brain, because I’m able to help them with every stage of the process for their project.

I’m fresh off a great 2-hour session with a client who wanted to pick my brain….We cranked out so much valuable information for her brand in that time - she couldn’t believe how much we accomplished!

We discussed and created a plan around her brand’s logo and tagline, brand colors and descriptors, fabrications and silhouettes to be offered, honed in on specific designs, a packaging strategy, different ways her brand could give back, and more.

Now I have a gift for you….

I decided that I want to offer something new to help and serve the people around me.

So, in honor of giving Winter a kiss goodbye and Spring a big hello, I’m getting ready to roll out something different……

I’m opening my doors for a short period of time --

From now until May 15th (and celebrating Cinco de Mayo right in there) I’m offering my services to you for a 2-hour kick ass pick-my-brain session for you to use any way you like.


  • Are you just starting out and need help figuring out what your brand will look like...and how to go to market?

  • Do you need help with:

    • sourcing anything? 

      • i.e. fabrics, trims, garments, packaging, labels, hang tags, factories, etc.

    • your branding?

    • merchandising your collection?

    • your packaging?

    • your logo? 

    • your designs?.....silhouettes? ….colors?..... fits? 

    • communicating with an overseas factory or vendor?

  • Or, are you thinking about…

    • a collaboration?

    • a brand extension or what other products you can offer?  

    • how to give back and tie in some social good with an offering?

We can cover as much as you like, within the time we have.

And in honor of that 5th day of May, Cinco de Mayo, I’m offering this to you for ….  

Cue drop confetti……🎉🎉🎉


I know…’s crazy pants.  But I want to help you as best I can in a power-packed jam session of goodness.  

Let’s toast that first C-D-M margarita to the wins we’ll achieve for your business!

Just click the button below to sign up, select your time, and you’re in!  

I’ll then send you a short form with a few questions and you’ll be able to send me links or pics to show me anything you want my eyes on before we meet/speak.   (We can meet on Zoom, Skype, or speak by phone). NDA’s welcome.

Easy peasy :)